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Company Profile

For more than 30 years, Mapleleaf Cabinets has provided the finest quality, precision standards and reliablity.

We're an industry leader because of our millwork and cabinetry standards for excellence.

We specialize in commercial, industrial and retail architectural moldings, cabinets and fixtures. Mapleleaf Cabinet's state-of-the-art computer guided machinery insures that the best product standards are always attained.

It's the craftsmanship of Mapleleaf Cabinet artisans that really makes the difference.


Whether it is the miles of book shelves for Deseret Books and the LDS Distribution Center, or...

The high-quality displays for the GAP's Banana Republic outlets or large supermarkets like Albertsons and Smiths or...

The incredibly detailed mill work, wainscoting, crown molds and window trim at the Uintah County Court House or...

The massive cabinets of the Nighttime Pediatric Clinic, Mapleleaf Cabinets responds so customers know when we say the job will be on time, within budget, and done right, they know they can trust Mapleleaf Cabinets.

In 2002, the Mapleleaf Cabinets ownership was transfered to an aggressive group dedicated to serving your store, business, government building or office -- regardless of the size.


Today, if your home, office, or store is anywhere in the United States or Canada we'll provide a fast estimate for products with unmatched quality.

Mapleleaf Cabinet's management is dedicated to bringing our clients the best "Architectural Millwork, Moldings, Cabinets and Fixtures."

And, we'll bring our cabinets to your door and install them when you want:
 On time.                    
             On budget.        
                                  On standard.     
                                                                   Above expectations.